Brian Begin

Confident or Cocky? FEARLESS Coach Brian Begin Explains the Difference

Brian Begin, a leading success coach and co-founder of men’s achievement brand FEARLESS, has just released a new blog post and video to its website, ‘How Do I Be Confident without Being Cocky?’

In the video, Begin addresses an important question posed by a FEARLESS fan about the differences between confidence and cockiness/arrogance, explaining that confidence comes from a place of courage, whereas arrogance comes more from a place of prideful energy.

“I’m glad this fan asked about confidence versus arrogance, because it’s a common question a lot of men have, and a lot of men will misinterpret arrogance as what they need to be good with women,” said Begin. Some guys will even hesitate to work on their confidence because they ‘don’t want to be the asshole’ to be successful with women, but that’s not it at all.

“Arrogance is an ‘I’m better than you’ energy… it has confidence in it, but it also has insecurity underneath, because you’re having to make yourself feel better than someone else to feel good about yourself. Courage is the clean version of confidence – it’s cooperative and supportive of others while believing strongly in yourself.”

FEARLESS co-founder Dave Stultz further elaborates on Begin’s assessment, adding that “a lot of men are either afraid of being the asshole or they try to embrace cockiness. Cockiness can work sometimes with some people and some women, but it really is about higher-functioning, thinly veiled insecurity if you look closer.

“Truly confident people can see right through that… these things have a lot of subtleties to them though, and that’s why we spend two full days teaching about true confidence at The Fearless Man Live seminars.”

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